Number of people coming to their senses about global warming is sharply increasing

According to a recently released joint study by Yale University and George Mason University, the number of people who do not believe the Earth is warming has spiked in the last year and a half.  This means people are finally beginning to take into account that the Earth has not warmed in nearly two decades despite the shrieking claims of climate activists.

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Over the last year and a half, the number of people who do believe the globe is warming has declined by a full 10%, while those who believe it isn’t rose by double.

I would attribute this sharp rise by skeptics of activist’s claims to the fact that we aren’t seeing the predicted climate calamity that was promised.  We were told that increased CO2 would bring more frequent and more severe weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and droughts.  However, we’ve seen record high levels of CO2 and record low extreme weather.  “Oops” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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  1. vincedeporter says:

    John, isn’t this just an Appeal to Popularity Fallacy — because it proves nothing at all. People’s opinion are irrelevant. Facts are.
    Not to mention the lack of understanding that extreme cold is also a “reaction” to global warming… the other day a friend from the North East told me “Ha! Global warming? It’s colder and colder here.” I didn’t have the will to argue. I just sighed.

    I know this subject will never find an agreement. Everyone pulls out statistics and these contradict themselves on the surface. I am not a weather specialist, so I have no alternative to trust the ones that are, and trust my own logic.

    For example, is it logical to assume that out vehicle emissions do nothing to the atmosphere when one can die with his ar on in a closed environment, like a garage?
    Are global warming deniers really oblivious to the fact that “Carbon dioxide emissions from personal vehicles in the United States equaled 314 million metric tons in 2004. That much carbon could fill a coal train 55,000 miles long—long enough to circle the Earth twice.” (

    Facts are:

    Key points:
    • Climate change is not proven nor disproven by individual warming or cooling spells. It’s the longer-term trends, of a decade or more, which place less emphasis on single-year variability, that count.
    • The past couple of months have seen a particularly cold winter in parts of the U.S. and elsewhere.
    • This has been the result of the “Arctic oscillation” — a see-sawing pressure system over the North pole — that has driven cold air into more southern latitudes.
    • These cold spells, and other weather changes that are a result of naturally occurring patterns, are still consistent with a globally warming world.
    (Nasa — )

    “About 2013, as of July 30, there were 37 presidential disaster declarations, excluding fire management assistance and drought, in .” And drought has also been a big one.

    Denial is not only biased, it places us in danger of doing nothing.

  2. vincedeporter says:

    Truth is, the more I read on both sides, the less I know. It’s utterly confusing to me.
    My bias was influenced by the sources I trust most — but it doesn’t mean they are right. As a layman, I am very close to not having a bias at all on the subject anymore.

    I’m too ignorant of the mechanisms involved. Which brings me to this strong conclusion:
    I should shut up when I don’t know! Haha!

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