How should we interpret Holy Writ?

Regardless of the subject matter, all communication needs to be interpreted.  Someone with my convictions, how I should be going about interpreting the Bible is vitally important.  Let me explain what I mean since it might not be evident.  I'm not talking about what a particular passage means, as … [Read more...]

The difference between the Atheist’s worldview and the Christian’s

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SCOTUS rules that offended Atheists need to relax

It never ceases to amaze me when an activist group of Atheists complain that public prayers by public officials hurts their feelings and makes them feel excluded.  It really is silliness.  It has never been unconstitutional to begin official government activities with prayer, especially Christian … [Read more...]

Pastors challenge ban on same-sex marriage

A group of North Carolina clergy are challenging their state's constitutional prohibition on same sex marriage on religious grounds.  They claim the prohibition violates their right to practice their religion freely as guaranteed in the First Amendment to the Constitution. (Charlotte Observer) -- A … [Read more...]

If the mind and brain are not identical, Naturalism is false

In order for Naturalism to be true, there can not exist any non-physical phenomena.  The differentiation between the mind and brain demonstrates -- clearly, I think -- that Naturalism cannot be true.  One example I believe is most compelling is that I am not physically identical to who I was even … [Read more...]

Liberal memes debunked: Drug testing for welfare

The meme misses that there was a much broader purpose to Jesus feeding the masses. But aside from the theological reasons behind his feeding them, Jesus wasn't providing social welfare.  There had been gathered a large group of people to whom he was preaching.  Nothing about the passage suggests … [Read more...]

Student trying to find “Islamophobia” instead treated nicer

Far too many people out there buy into the hype that white people simply don't like brown people.  It's not difficult to see why.  At every turn, opposition to some prominent minority is sloughed off as racism.  It then comes as a shock to learn that it's simply not as pervasive as it's presented. … [Read more...]

Why shouldn’t religion be taught in schools?

Political secularists have thus far been successful in preventing religion from crossing the threshold of our public schools.  There needs to be, they say, a separation of church and state.  We can't be having our students discussing one of the most important queries a person could ever consider: … [Read more...]

Belief, Unbelief, and emotional crutches

We all have reasons why we believe the things we do. They range from what we would admit to being vacuous, to what we believe to be well grounded — and varying degrees in between. Of course how others view our reasons is often very different from our own assessment. Every once in a while, however, … [Read more...]

Why should choose a particular church?

The last two weekends my oldest daughter has accompanied her friend's family to their church. She returned home and declared, "I'm going to their church from now on, it's so fun!". So she thinks. We will continue to attend our regular church. Her attitude regarding why she wants to attend that … [Read more...]

Does my Christian bias get in the way?

I suppose it all depends on who you ask.  Many skeptics would suggest it's true, that I wouldn't be able to objectively assess arguments critical against Christianity (not that I've been offered any).  On the other hand, I would suggest it wouldn't.  Of course, most people likely don't think they're … [Read more...]

Fear of hell is a perfectly legitimate reason for belief

Is a fear of hell a good reason to believe in God -- or become a Christian? It is accused that simply fearing hell is not a good enough reason to convert.  I get it.  But I also see a few reasons to be critical of this objection. First, I don't think it's true that very many Christians believe in … [Read more...]

Baptism: Necessary?

Infant Baptism is an issue of contention among Christians. Some believe baptism is “the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit,” a necessary step to entering God's Kingdom. It washes away “original sin” so one may be “born again” free of sin. Both Lutherans & Catholics believe in … [Read more...]

Theological narcissism

This comment was given in response to a local news agency reporting on the United Methodist Church formally charging a minister for presiding over his son's same-sex wedding. Does Catherine really think God is pleased as punch with her every thought and deed?  You know what? I think she does. It's … [Read more...]

What is a miracle?

What is a miracle?  What comes to mind when you hear the word? … [Read more...]

Does sharing Jesus infringe on rights? That depends…

Many people are under the (false) impression that the sharing of religion in some settings is unconstitutional.  This myth has been propagated for so long that people have begun to believe it.  However, even through this mass misunderstanding of what the First amendment protects and prohibits, there … [Read more...]

Is the Bible automatically disqualified?

'Because the Bible says so, that's why!'  I can sympathize with the frustration the skeptic must feel when he encounters a Christian defending his convictions in this fashion.  It frustrates me too. Why would the Christian expect the skeptic to grant the Bible the same level of authority as … [Read more...]

Too few means to salvation?

One common complaint against Christianity is the doctrine of exclusivism.  The teaching that there is only one true God and only one true religion is something some people just find objectionable.  Whether they find this to be arrogant, narrow-minded, elitist, or worse; they think the idea that … [Read more...]

Inventing God

I have heard it asserted by skeptics that God was a tool invented by someone or a group of someones in an effort to control the masses. I'm not sure this makes much sense to me, it never has.  It's a great 'what-if' story, but it's little more than speculation.  That doesn't make it a false claim, … [Read more...]

Christianity is so offensive, we dare not speak it

Despite multiple surveys already being done on the issue (by pollsters more prestigious and reputable than I) of holiday greeting preferences, I conducted a survey of local shoppers for their preference.  Although the distribution of participants is localized to my surrounding area I think it serves … [Read more...]