Same-Sex Marriage

Is opposition to gay Boy Scout leaders discrimination or prudence? — Opposition to gay men serving as Boy Scout leaders shouldn’t be as controversial as it has been.  Unfortunately, people have emotional reactions to issues such as this, where they believe a person (or “class” of people) is being discriminated against.  This really isn’t about the individual homosexuals themselves as much as it is about sexuality in general.

Why dialogue with activists is impossible: Disagreement = hate – Can anyone make any headway on the issue of the morality of homosexuality and same-sex marriage when some proponents offer name-calling and accusations rather than civil dialogue?

Should I know this about you? – A question to those who proudly wear their sexuality on their sleeve, why should I know this about you?  Why should I care?

If there is no “Gay Agenda” then why…The Toronto School District has permitted a poster campaign in support of homosexuality within its middle schools.

Ten Things I wish Jim Rigby Knew – A responst to a graphic being circulated around social media sites titled: Ten things I wish the church knew about homosexuality.

The Consequences of being a Christian – Christians who voice their convictions face social consequences.  And it is becomming more acceptable to discriminate against Christians.

Does Jesus Love LGBT People? – A response to a Huffington Post article claiming Jesus would support same-sex marriage

Embracing Homosexuality: America’s Litmus Test – Boston’s mayor has pledged to use the power of his office to prevent Chick-Fil-A from opening within city limits because of its support for traditional marriage.  Gay activists seem to be quite comfortable discriminating against those who oppose them.  Is it ok to discriminate as long as you’re on the “right side” of an issue?

Changing Sexual Orientation Is Easy – DC Comics is planning to change the sexual orientation of one of its existing characters.  Surprisingly the LGBT community supports this.

Polling Discrepancies – Some polls show a trend toward accepting same-sex marriage, but on the other hand, voting results send a conflicting message.

State Marriage Amendment Constitutional Ballot Results — A chart showing how the public voted on marriage amendment ballots from across the country.

Is Homosexuality Natural? – Some same-sex marriage proponents point out that there exist in the animal kingdom examples of homosexuality in other species.  Are they making a moral statement, or merely making a statement?

All It Takes Is One? Is the presence of a few positive examples of successful children raised by same-sex couples enough to discount the arguments in favor of traditional marriage?  My response to Zach Wahls.

Injured That Way – A UK man suffered a stroke and is now gay.  What does this mean for those who claim sexuality is genetically determined and immutable?

[Get] Over The Rainbow – Sometimes it seems as though Christians overly focus on the issue of homosexuality.  Well, they do.  But the more important question is why.

Will You Marry Me? – Some proponents of same-sex marriage will sometimes use examples in the Bible of marriages and marriage laws that appear in conflict with ‘one man, one woman’.  Are Christians who tout the “biblical” view of marriage being selective, or are they ignoring these other examples of marriage?

Out Of Sight, Out Of (Your) Mind – Does it make sense to assume the mind rather than the body is in need of alteration for those suffering from Gender Identity Disorder (transgender)?  When someone feels as though they are born in the wrong body, perhaps a psychiatrist, and not a surgeon is more appropriate.

Religion, Religion, Wherefor Art Thou Religion Some readers may have noticed that when making my case against same-sex marriage, I don’t do so from a religious perspective.  Why not?

LGBT hate crime alarmism – Is hate crime against those in the LGBT community an epidemic?  How great is the threat of becoming a victim of hate crime if you are LGBT?  Not as great as some would like to have you believe.

What Is Marriage? – If homosexuals desire to marry because they wish to make long-term commitments to one another before family and friends, memorialized by a religiously contextualized ceremony; that is already legal in all 50 States regardless of same-sex marriage laws.  Why do advocates for same-sex marriage seek to amend marriage laws?

Authorized Personnel Only – Concerning marriage, are there any rights that heterosexuals have that homosexuals do not?  Same-sex marriage advocates claim they want equal rights.  But that is actually what they are fighting against.  They don’t like that they have equal rights and equal restrictions.

Répondez S’il Vous Plaît – Op-ed writer for, Rich Benjamin makes his case for boycotting the weddings of his heterosexual friends and family.  This move is unwise on more than one front.

GaGa For God – What is the consequence of arguing for the moral goodness or benignity of homosexuality based on God creating them that way?  Can we ever reject any desire if we want to make that argument?

Acting Like An Animal – Some advocates of same-sex marriage will point to observation of certain animal species which also engage in same-sex sexual behaviors in an attempt to show homosexuality is as natural (and normal) as heterosexuality, and thus should not be barred from marriage.  Should we be looking to the animal kingdom for behavioral guidance?

Court Oks sex-change for child – Sex-change operations are dramatic life changing events, even for adults.  But are children really capable of making this kind of decision?

I Now Pronounce You Adam and Steve – “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” is a slogan worth abandoning.  Its idea holds merit, but as a slogan fails both as an argument, and to gain opponents of your view to your side.

Smoke And Mirrors – A response to a blog on the where the author makes the claim: The Bible Supports Same-Gender Marriage.

Unfit Parents – Foster parents were denied taking in a child because of their Christian views.  They believed homosexuality was immoral.

Can You Feel The Love? – A response to a Dan Savage column in which he responds to someone commenting on the homosexual teen suicides.

Unlock That Closet – Why is it that so many homosexuals feel compelled to make their sexual inclinations such a central point to their character?

Don’t Even Think About It – Is hate crime legislation a good idea?  Should we criminalize thoughts in addition to actions?  What does it say to society when certain members are more valuable and more protected by law?

You’re Not Supposed To Ask – A look at the now repealed policy of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell”.

Prop 8 Struck Down – California’s constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman is being challenged in the court system.  Why is the idea of traditional marriage so offensive and controversial?