Our Emperor is fiddling

This comparison is not my own, I read it on another blog. But just as it is reported that Emperor Nero played his fiddle while Rome was burning, our President Obama is playing golf while America burns.

Of course our burning is figurative, but the American economy is crumbling. Unemployment is getting worse and more people are enrolling in government programs with no sign of turning in any significant way.

Our President is claiming that the sequestration cuts will have dire consequences for the American people, and just last week he was out golfing…again.  He golfed as unemployment rose as high as 10%.  He golfed as our embasies across the world have been over run by terrorists raising their flag where ours once flew.

President Obama governs as an Emperor with no accountability, and now he plays his fiddle.  And just as Nero blamed Rome’s destruction on the Christians, President Obama has spent his entire presidency blaming others for his poor results and failed policies.


  1. John, I heard Bob Woodward this morning again pointing out that P-BO is the one who insisted on the sequester, and the GOP compromised and agreed to it. The interesting thing is that despite all of the hand wringing and blame, most of these draconian cuts won’t even happen for more than a month. Also heard on the news that income was down last month, but spending was up due to increased oil prices. At some point doesn’t the left have to admit that they can’t continue to blame Bush, and that after more than four years P-BO owns a big part of our current situation. It just looks like one continuous campaign, and no actual governing,

  2. TerranceH says:

    The left is never going to lay blame on Herr Obama. What an unthinkable tragedy it would be to malign the leadership, ability, and intelligent of the first black president…If we do, we might as well enter a time-warp, Gub’ner Wallace…

    Bush is rich, white, and conservative, so he’s the perfect whipping boy.

  3. The similarities go beyond fiddling. Some believe that Nero set the fire that burned Rome. Obama has deliberately put policies in place that have crippled our economy: drilling moratorium; denial of oil pipeline; tax increases; ObamaCare; extension of unemployment benefits; stimulus plans; etc.

    Nero also provided the mob with a scapegoat. He blamed the Christians for the fire. Obama, likewise, is putting blame on others, namely Republicans.

    Our spiritual problems in the Church with Christians refusing to worship God exclusively has led to our neighbors rejecting the Christian consensus that used to permeate our society. Now our neighbors are no longer our countrymen. They would rather live lives of moral depravity and debauchery under tyranny than lives of virtue and honor under liberty.

  4. So, Obama could actually blame the Christians for our economic woes, but Christians in large numbers are doing exactly what he wants them to do: ignore God and worship their other passions like college football, Downton Abbey, demon-possessed Beyoncé, American Idol, Twilight, Facebook, alcohol, parties, money, status, reality TV, etc.

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