Tolerant pro-abortion activist vandalizes pro-life property


Just a few quick thoughts:

  • Can we all go out on a limb and give this woman the benefit of the doubt that she would be just as non-reactive as the pro-life protesters if a pro-lifer destroyed pro-abortion signs?
  • I always want to say to people who defend abortion with “over population” rationale, “why not set an example, there’s a bridge not too far from here!”
  • Notice she defends killing pre-born children by asking, “you want to keep paying taxes for babies that are born to crackheads?”… “do you really want a population of people that were born on drugs — that are born into welfare?”.  Is it just me, or are we constantly told that referring generically to crackheads, or people on welfare are “dog-whistles” which really mean black people?  MSNBC tele-blogger Chris Matthews has come up with all kinds of dog-whistles that conservatives use to communicate with one another to mean black people.  She’s obviously a racist… if we apply the standard uniformly.
  • Notice also that she refers to “people” being born to crackheads and on welfare.  Apparently she is able to recognize the personhood of the pre-born, she’s just not able to recognize that “people” ought not be killed because their parents are crackheads and on welfare.


  1. Why does she think it is okay to damage or destroy other peoples’ property just because she disagrees with the viewpoint? Typical liberal intolerance. Demand you allow them to express their beliefs, but don’t dare express yours.

    I think her mom was probably a crackhead.

  2. Finally! An honest pro-abort! Margaret Sanger couldn’t have said it better herself.

    All the pointy headed abortion rights nuts we encounter have such lofty reasons. Compassion, women’s rights, etc. This chick just laid it out. She wants a certain class of people to die out.

    “You want to keep paying for that sh..?” Wow. Real compassion on display, here.

  3. “Notice she defends killing pre-born children by asking, “you want to keep paying taxes for babies that are born to crackheads?”… “do you really want a population of people that were born on drugs — that are born into welfare?”.”

    I’ve heard variations of these “defenses” of abortion many times, and it just blows me away. It’s so incredibly insulting on so many levels. It demonstrates that pro-abortionists – who often claim that pro-lifers are “anti-woman” – are the ones with an incredibly low opinion of women. It’s degrading and disgusting. That they don’t recognise it as such goes a long way in illustrating their stupidity. There’s no other word that I can use to describe people who make comments like this.

  4. If a child is born a crackhead, you treat him. If a child is born with one lung, you treat her. If a child is born with Down Syndrome, you treat him. If a child is born “unwanted,” you find someone who wants her. If taxes must be raised, then raise ’em. Murder is never an option. Life is more important – always. There is no excuse for leftwing depravity.

    Furthermore, in no sense is the world “overpopulated.” All the people in the world could fit in a space the size of New York City. It’d be cramped, but it could be done. So what’s the problem, if not lack of space? Resources. In countries with no infrastructure, resources are fleeting. So what do you do? Build an infrastructure. Get smarter. Stop wasting resources on leftwing energy projects like ethanol. There exists a litany of solutions that do not require murder.

    Lastly, I wonder why liberals are so opposed to war. Seriously, the world is overpopulated, right? Let’s start World War III. Let’s do it. Let’s kill off millions and let the world recycle itself. Why should liberals be opposed to this? They support abortion for this reason, so why not war? Surely war would get the job done faster. With modern weapons, we could take out hundreds of thousands in an instant. That’s better than the thousand or so measly babies taken out a day with abortion. Come on, libs! Support war!

    People like her are nothing but pigs. Their position is untenable, illogical, and utterly inconsistent. They’re pigs. Simple as that.

  5. TerranceH says:

    Margaret Sanger really never advocated for abortion. She wanted to control the black population with birth control and other contraceptives, but she did not publicly advocate legalized abortion. She was opposed to it because, in her day, abortion was a very dangerous procedure. It still is in many ways, but much safer than it used to be. We have antibiotics and an appreciation for sanitary conditions. Back then, many women died of infection from illegal abortion.

    Sanger also believed that once conception occurred, a human being came into existence and it was wrong to kill it. Not until after her death did Planned Parenthood move in that direction. So modern anti-lifers are actually worse than Margaret Sanger. How telling. Sanger was a racist and eugenist, but at least had enough sense and decency to be at least anti-abortion. How completely telling, ‘eh?

    On my original point, let me say that today many women in third-world nations still die from illegal abortion. But solely because there is little access to modern medicine. Anti-lifers use this, of course, to advocate in favor of legalized abortion, but how asinine to compare an industrialized nation with modern medical capabilities to a third-world nation whose people live in mud huts and defecate near the same wells from which they draw their water. In industrialized nations, illegal abortions would result in few maternal deaths. Look to Ireland for proof.

    You also have to keep in mind that if abortion is murder, abortion is wrong regardless the consequences of prohibiting it, since murder is always wrong. Something pro-choice philosopher Mary Ann Warren admits.

  6. Hi!
    Yyou do such a wonderful job arguing for life! I come to this page sometimes to read your abortion posts but dont comment, but i have to say thank you to this page and to terrence! you guys are so great! thank you for working to undue the sin of abortion.

    God bless you guys!

  7. Mary,

    I appreciate it and I’m sure John, the owner, does as well. All the pro-lifers on this page do a fine job of arguing the issue, but we need more. So stop in more often! Let’s get the message out!

    He’s blessed me, for sure.


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