Do we still need Affirmative Action?

Most people are able to recognize that discriminating on the basis of race is immoral.  Well, discriminating against non-whites is immoral apparently.  This is what Affirmative Action currently does, mostly in the collegiate system.  The thing is, most people are able to recognize that Affirmative Action makes little sense when applied to other venues.

Will there ever come a time when Affirmative Action is no longer needed? If not, who stands in the way?


  1. It is NOT needed. IT is blatant reverse discrimination. People should be hired solely on their merit and not because of skin color or gender.

    Some of these people in the video – most of the – are living with cognitive dissonance!

  2. Nope. It does a major disservice to the truly qualified minorities. They must live with everyone — including themselves — wondering if they really accomplished something.

  3. Dr. Ben Carson, I assure you, needed no extra help. The man is brilliant. The same could be said of Thomas Sowell.

Any Thoughts?

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