Intentionally misleading chart of the day

gay fired

Is this true?  Can you be fired just for being gay in these states?  The answer is yes but it requires some qualification.  It’s because sexual orientation is not considered a protected class in these states.  A member of a protected class cannot be fired merely because they possess the traits of the particular protected status.  The federally recognized protected classes are sex, gender, race, color, religious affiliation, national origin, age, familial status, veteran, genetic information, and disability.  In addition to the above federally recognized classes, some states include pregnancy or — as the gray shades indicate — sexual orientation.

What the creator of the chart doesn’t tell you is that in every state an employee may be fired for their hair style, or choice of clothing, or the color car you drive, or the political party with which you affiliate, or which grocery store you shop at, or if you prefer Pepsi to Coke, or…

The truth is, you can be fired for any reason in any state so long as the reason isn’t solely because of a protected status, but they don’t tell you that.  The point is to imply that the 29 states above allows employers to legally hate gays.


  1. It gets a little dicey when all it takes to qualify for a protected class is to self-identify as a member of that class, with no external/objective indicators to validate that identification.

  2. I’ve never heard of that happening in Michigan.

    • It may not have. Its a big deal now because the catholic schools are firing teachers when they find out they’re gay. Of course its because it runs contrary to the church’s values, but in the non church related business community it doesn’t happen. It would be all over the news if it did.

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