Attention Pro-Aborts

Below is a list of don’t-dos from Just Say No To Abortion, a pro-life blog.  I see these kinds of posts now and then but most often the list of dont’s are points that I never make nor do I hear others who share my views make.  This one, however, is spot on with the kinds of things pro-abortion choice defenders offer.  So if you’re pro-choice, please don’t do these things.

If pro-aborts want to be taken seriously by pro-lifers, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Don’t personally attack those you are debating.  Calling us ignorant, controlling, stupid, etc, will get you nowhere in a hurry.
  2. Don’t attack our Faith.Screaming at us and telling us to “get your rosaries off our ovaries” does not make a good debate starter. First off, not all pro-lifers are Catholic,  and second, some are not religious at all.
  3. Stop ignoring basicbiology. It has been scientifically proven that life begins at conception. Stating that a fertilized egg is not alive is a clear indication that you are indeed ignoring this fact.
  4. Stop regurgitating pro-abort slogans and propaganda.  We’ve heard it all before and we aren’t buying it. Move on please.
  5. Stop calling us “anti-choice”.  We support all kinds of choices: The choice to use birth control The choice  to either hold down a job or stay at home with your children. Just because we simply feel that killing a child in the womb is wrong and should be illegal does not mean that we do not support other choices.

I could go on and on, but you get my point.

I would say the thing that bugs me most is the complete lack of knowledge of the scientific facts which have been established by fields of embryology and biology.  It is a scientific fact that a new human life begins at the moment of conception.  For the life of me I don’t know why people who claim to be so enlightened are so (willfully) ignorant of the facts.


  1. Ignorance is no excuse. If you say life begins some time after conception, you are either a liar (which should say something of your ability to speak about moral issues), or you are ignorant of the truth about how people are made. Either way, just saying it doesn’t make you right.

    Honestly, the only thing pro-aborts can hang their hats on is the fact that it’s legal. Men have made the legal choice to kill young human beings available to women. Even that shouldn’t be seen as such a strong position, as many laws are and have been actually immoral. Legal abortion is one such law.

    A human being exists as soon as it exists. There’s just no way around the truth of the matter.

    Pro-aborts should come to grips with the understandable cognitive dissonance that comes with the prospect of killing a fetus by accepting what is true (that it’s a living human being. A baby) and changing their stance, rather than depending on a delusion to settle the issue in their minds. How easy it must be to just define a thing as something that it’s not in order to deal with it in the way that definition allows!

    • C2C

      There’s a reason they object so heavily to abortion imagery.

      • Doesn’t it seem like most of the pro-abortion people we deal with are deluded? It seems like they really want to be moral people. So, they have to say abortion is just as moral a choice as choosing chocolate over vanilla. They must believe that a fetus is not a human being in order to continue to think of themselves as moral for allowing it to be killed. It takes any number of mental backflips to come to a conclusion that is the opposite of what simple logic tells us: Only a thing that can be an older human being later IS a human being now.

  2. Conservative 2 Cents,

    Whenever an anti-lifer “hangs their hat” on abortion’s legality, remind them that people once hung their hat on the legality of slavery.

    • Terrance, I used to think that “Hey, slavery was once ‘legal'” was kind of corny. But it’s absolutely applicable, isn’t it? Legal abortion, like legal slavery, says some human beings aren’t entitled to certain rights.

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