I agree with @SarahKSilverman

The no class, mildly amusing “comedian” responded to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who signed into law a bill requiring mothers who wish to abort to receive an ultrasound beforehand.  Let me ignore the fact that abortion advocates and defenders regularly oppose any legislation which requires mothers to make the most informed decision possible and agree with her for a moment.

She recently sent this tweet:

OK in exchange for this bill I’ll support her idea.  Governor Walker should be anally probed every time he needs to make an informed decision to kill a child.  That’s definitely a fair trade-off.


  1. I find it amusing how, when objecting to ultrasound, pro-aborts go straight to the transvaginal ultrasound, as alluded to by her “anal probe” comment.

    I’ve had one of those. I totally agree that it’s invasive and uncomfortable. I wasn’t pregnant, though. They were trying to find out if I had a cancerous tumour or not (turned out to be just a big cyst), and in the end it was useless and the mass was better viewed with the usual ultrasound.

    That would be the external ultrasound, where the only uncomfortable thing is the cold gel and having to clean up afterwards. Transvaginal ultrasounds are hardly ever used for pregancy, and when they do get used, it’s because the usual ultrasound isn’t able to view a particular area of concern. Unless things are reeeeaalllly different for you folks in the US, and this is the normal process for pregnancy, which means that these women would be getting it during normal prenatal care, anyhow.

    Also, they conveniently forget the doing an ultrasound is a normal part of the abortion process (depending on the age and stage, and whether or not the abortionist actually cares whether or not he perforates the mother’s uterus). They just normally refuse to allow women to actually *see* the ultrasound, even when asked directly.

    How bizarre and illogical that, in the process of defending “choice”, they attack and misrepresent an incredibly common and useful medical proceedure that just happens to also be used during pregnancy. Ultrasounds are fantastic, potentially life saving, tests – unless a woman wants an abortion, at which point it’s invasive, demeaning and women shouldn’t be allowed to see the results. I have a friend that’s 5 months pregnant right now, and she’s already gone for more ultrasounds than I did with both my pregnancies together, none of them transvaginal, as a part of her regular prenatal care. Based on their logic, this is invasive and she shouldn’t have to have them done.

    Logic? What’s that.

    • Youre not wrong Kunoichi. Regular ultrasounds are a normal procedure for any pregnant woman who sees a doctor. I also dont know of anyone being forced to have a transvaginal ultrasound under any legislation.

      If anything, it provides the mother with an opportunity to make a “choice” with the most information possible. Funny how the pro-choice crowd is routinely opposed to making informed decisions.

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