Someone at Planned Parenthood isn’t being honest

Advocates for and defenders of abortion are usually quick to point out that abortion services represent a mere (approx.) 3% of Planned Parenthood’s business.  But whenever a new law restricting the unencumbered access to immediate abortion, we hear of dozens of abortion offices closing as a direct result.

If abortion is so insignificant to the business of abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, why does it seem like that particular facet of their services are so vital that to disrupt it ever so slightly causes widespread closings?

I’ll tell you why.  While it might be true that the actual abortion procedure constitutes 3% of services, that doesn’t include all the preliminary visits and procedures related to that abortion.  It’s not difficult to see why an abortion provider like Planned Parenthood might not be happy about the tightening of abortion laws.  Despite boasting a mere 3% of services being abortion services (however, 91.5% of pregnant women Planned Parenthood serve gets an abortion), it actually accounts for a large portion of their annual income.  Planned Parenthood’s 2011-2012 Annual Report documents 333,954 abortions, and its own cite estimates that an in-clinic abortion costs between $300-$900 (the abortion pill costs roughly the same).  Do the math, even if we take a low average cost of about $450 per abortion that calculates out to $150,279,300 (at an average of $600 the revenue generated from that 3% spikes to more than $200 million per year).  Follow the money.  Each year more states are defunding the abortion mill and restricting the unfettered access to abortions, that really hits the bottom line… hard.

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  1. John,

    I’ve written before on this issue. Planned Parenthood cooks the books, basically. Every little thing they do apart from the actual abortion procedure, even if DIRECTLY RELATED to the abortion, is counted separately. If some schmuck off the street waltzes in for a condom, that’s a service. A girl asking a question about sex, abortion, mammograms, or her monthly cycle is a “service.” Even pre-screening before an abortion is counted separately.

    For crying out loud, if abortion is only 3% of the services offered, then abortion must be as expensive as a f*cking yacht since it’s their largest source of income.

    I’m so sick of Planned Parenthood and their lies I could puke.

  2. Someone at Planned Parenthood isn’t being honest?!!? I’m shocked, shocked I say!

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