Who needs elective abortion after 20 weeks?

Help me understand the pro-choice objection to prohibiting elective abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy; keeping in mind that 20 weeks is 5 months.

Is it that 5 months isn’t long enough to decide?  Is it that elective abortion should be as unrestricted as possible?  Is it something else?

Why isn’t five months enough time?  At this point, wouldn’t it be the moral thing to do to give the baby up for adoption?

Don’t worry, this is not a baby:


  1. At 5 months better keep or give it up to adoption. Women honestly need to stop getting abortions. It’s a blind surgery procedure that is killing the child you created and possibly make you infertile. Men need to be more aware of this phenomenon because the woman you’re with could have killed your child and by the time you figure anything it’s too late. Especially since abortion clinics don’t require father’s permission. Are you that selfish to believe that a child is going to ruin your perfect life so you must kill it instead of giving it up to families who actually want children and willing to make the sacrifices to love and care for it.

  2. In answer to the title question – NO ONE!

  3. Sure, I’ll let you know why people need abortion after 5 weeks.

    Women are smart, spiritual, loving, kind, capable and wise enough to determine the course of their lives and destinies, as well as those of any future humans they choose to bring into this world. Most women who have an abortion have already given birth. Did you know that? 66%. Women making this decision for themselves, are the only moral authority here.

    At 5 weeks, that means a woman is about 2-2.5 weeks late after a missed period. If her period isn’t regular, she might not even realize she missed it. So, a woman has to realize she is pregnant. Then, she needs time to make her own decisions – it’s certainly requires thought and consideration for many people. Considerations include telling a sexual partner – is he a safe person to tell? Will he be abusive, supportive, controlling? Then, women have to get time off of work, school, arrange for childcare. At 20 weeks, having the abortion appointment may require 2 days – one day for paperwork & a check up, services the next day. She has to go to clinic to get services.

    In many states, entitled lawmakers – typically angry men who can’t get pregnant – make it difficult to access a safe legal abortion. Traveling a day or 2 costs money for gas, hotel and costs time.

    Additionally, some insurance will pay for it, some won’t. It could take time to put together the required money for an essential abortion.

    If a woman is underage, and a parent or relative impregnated her, and she lives in a state the demands her parents know, she’d have to go through a difficult process to get the judge’s approval to NOT tell her parents. That can take time.

    At 20 weeks, the developing fetus is very much reliant on the woman’s body to survive – it can’t safely survive outside the body, so a woman has every right to decide if she’d like to continue this pregnancy.

    Want to know more about abortion? Keep asking women who’ve had abortions questions.

    No external person has the power or right to control another. Number one, BECAUSE EACH WOMAN HAS THE RIGHT OVER HER OWN BODY. Women are not vessels. Women MATTER, and in fact, are the only voices that matter when men & women discuss abortion. Women make moral decisions. Respect Women.

Any Thoughts?

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