Trending Now: #MakeDCListen

The Make DC Listen hashtag is more than a protest against President Barack Obama’s healthcare law.  The fact is a large majority of the American public has been opposed to this law from it’s inception.  In order to get the nation’s attention, Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) is engaging in a token filibuster out of principle.

His speech is more than a publicity stunt.  It is a call for Americans to let their voices be heard.  Make your Washington representatives listen to you.  This call to action extends beyond the unpopular healthcare bill to all government overreaches.  When DC takes a step too far, it is our job as voters, as Americans to make DC listen.


  1. President Obama’s twitter feed and speeches are filled with “statistics” that prove support for Obamacare. But what gets me is that all independent research shows that the majority of the public does not support it. So I wonder if Obama is just in denial or if it’s purely ego driving this campaign? Or maybe Obama just thinks he knows what’s good for us.

    Here is some research from Pew Research Center showing public disapproval:

  2. The majority of the public doesn’t support ObamaCare, that’s true. But many of those people support a much broader bill that resembles something closer to socialized medicine, a single-payer system. So, don’t think that entire 60% is sympathetic to the conservative cause.

    • That could be. In fact I support some measure to provide a reasonably priced kind of insurance to those who are legitimately unable to afford it. I don’t think it should be such a sweeping overtaking of the entire health insurance system. It is a financial and logistical fiasco in its current form. The health care “problem” could have been addressed and fixed (as well as the government can “fix” anything) if they only focused on those who need it instead of what they did with the ACA.

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