The real ‘War on Women’ — I find it incredibly telling how silent those who renounce the “Republican war on women” are when it comes to the atrocities committed against women all over the world who are subjected to Islamic justice.  The fact is that women in Muslim countries are barely one step above chattel, but not a word from people who claim to be championing women’s rights.

Are Democrat politicians just bad with money? — It seems that in every economic category that matters, Republicans are at the fore: Unemployment rates, best states in which to do business, and states with the best economies.

Background checks might not be the answer to gun violence — When the gun control debate first manifested and suggestions were being made, I was on board — hesitantly — with instituting background checks for firearm purchases.  On its surface it sounds reasonable, right?  Maybe not.

Me, Myself, and I — There are real consequences to promoting undeserved self-esteem to a generation of young people.

Taxing the poor — For all the hub-bub we hear about taxing the rich, we routinely overlook the degree to which the poor are taxed.  State run lotteries and cigarette taxes highly impact the poor in disproportionate numbers.

Should we regulate “dangerous” weapons, or “dangerous” people”? — People recognize there is a violence problem in America, well, not really, the number of violent crimes have been on the decline for years.  But  if it’s the case that the inanimate object ought to be regulated and not necessarily the people — in whom the malicious intent lies.  Assuming it is reasonable to regulate the inanimate object, on what grounds do we base the regulation?

What are guns for? — Lots of things can kill you but their primary purpose is for something else (transport you, feed you, etc). The main purpose of a gun is to kill.  If this is true, does it even matter?

Big Mistake: Fast food workers demand $15/hr, full-time, and benefits – Fast food workers have been told by labor unions that they deserve more than minimum wage for their work.  Now some are demanding double their wages and benefits.  But they should be careful what they ask for.

Progressives care… but that’s about it – For all the boasting that Progressives care about minorities and the poor, do they ever actually do anything of substance that actually helps, or is it all just lip service?

Family appalled Easy Bake Ovens marketed to girls – One family is petitioning Hasbro to market their Easy Bake Oven in a more gender neutral manner because a boy’s feeling have been hurt.  Are these feelings well grounded, or an over reaction?

Activism: Same method, different text – There seems to be a trend among activists of whatever stripe: high-light a rare exception, then argue as if it’s the norm.

What is equality? – When people demand equality, it’s implicit that they don’t already have it.  But what does it look like?  How is equality made manifest?

Is your value tied to others? – A fun thought experiment which tries to determine whether your sense of worth is tied to others.

Should we seek diversity? – Many people believe diversity of race and gender should be intentionally engineered and intentionally sought in certain areas and venues.  But is this something we should really be concerned about?  Does it carry any negative implications?

God And Christianity In Early American Government – This is a compilation of the earliest governing documents from the foundation of our great Nation.  In them there is evidence that God, and specifically Christians and Christianity were intended to thoroughly influence American government.

Bigotry and Chic-fil-a – The fast food chain has recently expressed their support for traditional marriage.  Their message however has not been tolerated.  Is it ok to be intolerant as long as the intolerance flows in one direction?

Hostility Toward Religion in America – A survey released by Liberty Council documents government hostility toward religion in America.  it documents specific cases and incidents where individuals were forced to file suit in order to have their right to free expression of their religion protected.

Manufacturing Offense – Political correctness and group identity has caused more problems than it has solved.  By forgoing dealing with individuals and instead dealing with groups based on skin color, age, sex, or gender identity, certain topics of discussion are now off limits.

On percentages and taxes – When discussing proposed tax increases, supporters of such tax hikes often equivocate between percents and percentage points.  There is a significant difference.

Being poor keeps getting easier – With all the government aid available with such ease of access, it’s no wonder that there is no incentive to personally succeed.

The Lesser Of Two Evils Is Just Fine – Some people won’t vote for a candidate unless they can pass a purity test of some fashion.  They would rather sit out than vote for someone who is not in 100% alignment with their views.  This is both irrational and irresponsible.

Julia: Leech or Victim – President Obama’s newest political campaign protrays a hypothetical woman who benefits from a lifetime of government financial aid.  But is it what it seems, and what are some hidden worldview angles taken?

Estimates are different from Actuals – A reaction to the claim that 45,000 Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance.

Secret Services – The U.S. Secret Service is under fire for engaging in behavior unbecoming of the office.  But they are merely acting on the teachings of the last 3 decades of our society, what gives?

Tax Fairness What is the purpose of taxation?  Revenue to the government, or spreading the tax burden?

Trayvon Martin and Abortion – Some similarities between those showing outrage over Martin’s death, and complaints about pro-life activists.

Obama: Buffett Rule — Do as I say, not as I do – Is the President paying his “fair share?  His 2011 tax returns were released and yield some interesting details.

Some facts about the Trayvon Martin case – A collection of some under-reported facts about the death of the Florida teen and the reaction to it.

The Sociology of Trayvon Martin – (See also: The Lynching of George Zimmerman) How race has played a major role (unjustly) in the shooting death of a Florida teen.

The Politics Of Trayvon Martin – The shooting death of Florida teen has been capitalized on for political gain.

Because voter ID laws are racist – Four top Democrat officials in South Bent Ind. admit to extensive voter fraud.  Despite continuous allegations that voter ID laws are only a means to disenfranchise minorities, voter ID laws are a necessary protection.

Only black Justice on SCOTUS is dumb as a dog…maybe – A recent example of the double standard when it comes to racism in the media.

Well knock me over with a feather I wish I could say I’m surprised on this one.  New research finds that liberals are nearly twice as likely to be intolerant of, and or censor political views different from their own.

Me, Myself, And I – The self-esteem generation is beginning to take roles in leadership, and the results are becoming disastrous.

This Is A Democracy, Not A Theocracy! – Some offer this objection when certain groups support pro-life, school prayers, and marriage preservation legislation.  Do these objectors realize what they’d be in for if America actually were a democracy?

Don’t You Know Who I Am? – The Obama administration is attempting to mandate religious based employers to provide health insurance plans which cover services and medications which violate their conscience.  Does an institution which is not required to provide insurance at all be required to offer certain coverages that conflict with their views?

Income inequality – For all the talk of income inequality, no one seems to be talking about effort equality.

The Cradle And The Grave – Society seems to be trending toward easing protection on the people who need it the most: The yet-to-be-born, the elderly invalid, and those who require life support.

Unequals are not Equal – With all the recent talk about income inequality, or disparity of income, should we concern ourselves with differences of income and wealth between the rich. poor, and middle-class?

Voter ID and the Elderly – Do laws requiring voters to show photo ID in order to vote disenfranchise certain voting blocs?  Or do they ensure the concept of one person, one vote?

Bail Outs: Banks vs Students – Occupiers and others are suggesting that students receive bail outs like the banks.  Is there a difference, and is this demand reasonable?

If You Can’t Stand The Heat… – Some people participating in social media and public blogging use their platform to pontificate their opinions on controversial issues then are taken aback when someone dares offer dissent.  There seems to be a sense of immunity in places where none should be expected.

Animals are people too…maybe – Some animal rights activists are dedicated to blurring the line between animals and people, to the point where they seek to bestow Constitutional rights to them.  Are they right?

Haters, Haters Everywhere – The accusation of ‘intolerant’ has been increasingly bandied about as more controversial topics stand in the public spotlight.  What does tolerance mean, and are the accusations justified?

Cop killer Troy Davis executed – Convicted cop killer Troy Davis was not granted a stay of execution despite pleas from supporters claiming clouds of doubt.  But are they telling the whole story?  What — if anything — are they leaving out?

Do you want fries with that? – There is a growing trend for some groups and people who are looking to expand the kinds of “benefits” that low-income Americans receive.  Some restaurants are asking the government to allow SNAP (food stamps) to be used for fast food.

Give Me Liberty, And Give Me Death – Many States criminalize assisted suicide, even for the terminally ill.  Should assisted suicide be a right, legally protected and regulated?

CT’s anti-price gouging law takes effect for Irene – Connecticut, along with many other states prohibit “price-gouging” during times of crisis or emergency.  But does this really protect consumers, or is there the real potential to cause more harm than good?

Shocking Revelation: Businesses are in business to make money – Some people begrudge businesses and corporations from taking in profits — or what seems like too much profit.  But the fact that escapes most people is: businesses sole purpose of existence is to make money.  Whether it’s a grocery story, auto dealer, or even an insurance company.

Fair Enough? – Is life fair?  It depends on what you mean by fair.  If fair means having the same as your neighbor with none of the effort, then no, life is not fair.  If fair means you have the same opportunity to have the same as your neighbor, even if it might mean working hard, then yes, life is fair.

All You Can Eat Buffet – Billionaire Warren Buffet thinks the rich should pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes.  Is 100% enough?

[In]tolerance And Religious Freedom – The September 11th Memorial at Ground Zero is set to open, and a cross fashioned from steel girders is causing a stir.  Some people believe the Memorial should remain religiously neutral; and in the name of religious freedom, the cross should be removed.  Is there anything wrong with this view?

Equal Outcome, Or Equal Opportunity? – A Pew survey has reported that the wealth disparity between whites and minorities is as wide as it has ever been.  But are the wealthy to blame?

If the Government wont save us from ourselves, who will? – Many States are passing laws prohibiting drivers from using hand-held cell phones.  The claim is the activity is inherently dangerous.  But what do the statistics say?  The stats say, go ahead and talk, you’ll most likely be fine.

Good Grades Not Good Enough – Do we still need Affirmative Action?  This one-time noble-intentioned policy is now propagating the racism it was intended to overcome, it’s just more subtle.

A Little Discrimination Never Hurt Anyone – Should businesses be allowed to discriminate to a certain degree when setting prices or refusing services?  Is this a matter of freedom, or something more?

Victimhood And Responsibility – Why is one side of the political aisle more motivated than the other when it comes to pursuing lifting restrictions of voting rights for convicted felons?  A cynical approach to the issue.

Political Hokey-Pokey – There is a tendency for certain political ideologies to treat the poor like pets.  If the poor were held a little more accountable for the decisions they make, we’d have less poor.

Giving At The Office – Would the public be more outraged at the number of Americans who paid no federal income taxes (nearly 50%), or at the amount of spending on welfare programs, if the taxpayer had to personally write the checks to the recipient rather than automatic deductions?  I think so.

Finders Keepers – Was America’s founded with a focus on Christianity?  Read from our nation’s original governing documents which support the fact that this country was founded as a Christian nation.

Florida punishing the poor? – Is it right for the State to require applicants or recipients of State welfare monies to pass a drug test?

Kansas passes voter ID bill – Is passing legislation requiring voters to present identification prior to voting racist?  Who could possibly think this is a bad thing?

Sticks And Stones – Is bullying on the rise?  If you watch the news you might think so.  But it’s probably not as bleak a situation as it may appear.

Show Me The Money – Should private foundations be allowed discriminate based on race or gender when deciding on who to award scholarships?  The answer is so simple it eludes.

Go Directly To Jail – An Ohio woman is sentenced to jail for allegedly enrolling her children in a better school district.  Sentenced to 5 years and serving just days, what does the sentence say about the reasonability of the punishment fitting the crime?

But How Much Will It Cost? – Some make an argument against capital punishment by appealing to the cost of the sentence.  But should cost be a consideration when determining justice?

Don’t Even Think About It – Is hate crime legislation a good idea?  Should we criminalize thoughts in addition to actions?  What does it say to society when certain members are more valuable and more protected by law?

The Poor Polar Bears – A recent advertisement for Nissan plays on the Global Warming issue.  Implying the polar bears are being driven from their homes, this is one of the most obvious attempts ar propaganda I have seen in recent times.

The Poor Children – Do we need to spend more on education?  No amount is too much for our children, right?  Spending on education has steadily increased with no results.

77% Fact Or Fallacy? – Do women really make 77% that of men for the same work?  Read why this is a myth supported by selective statistics.

No Means No! – Passing legislation to substitute for parenting is always a bad idea.  If you are not able to tell your child “no” when driving by fast food restaurants is no reason to pass laws restricting others from making the decision to purchase Happy Meals with toys.

Pay Up! – Do the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes?  Read why the Bush tax cuts were not primarily a benefit to only the wealthy.

Bring Back The USSR Now! – With more and more restrictive laws being passed it makes me long for the good ol’ days when the Soviet Union used to serve as the world’s bad example of how not to run a society.