Former NASA scientist: Global warming is rubbish

Confirming the actual data which shows no warming trend for the past two decades, former NASA scientist Emeritus Professor Les Woodcock chuckles when he sees people hyperventilate over the issue. (Yorkshire Evening Post) -- In spite of the seemingly overwhelming tide of scientific opinion on the … [Read more...]

Disagreement doesn’t cause suicide

As a follow-up to THIS POST, it was reported that despite the group intending to hold an event where speakers defend traditional marriage, LGBT activists aren't satisfied that The Stanford Anscombe Society has a history of not being "anti-gay".  Jeffrey Cohen, vice president of GradQ, a homosexual … [Read more...]

Do you understand the Hobby Lobby controversy?

I ask because many people don't.  They don't because most media outlets are contorting Hobby Lobby's actual position.  Abortion activists and Progressive talkers are trying to make the story one which paints the crafting retailer as being anti-birth control.  However, Hobby Lobby's already-offered … [Read more...]

ACLU gets one right: Students can keep passwords private

It's not often that I agree with the work the ACLU does, but every once in a while they're on the right side of things.  Minnewaska Area Schools agreed to a settlement for $70,000 and will rewrite their policies to limit how much leeway the school has when wanting to search student’s e-mails and … [Read more...]

Pro-Choice is one thing, celebrating abortion is another

  The University of Michigan is hosting an event celebrating abortions wonderful and glorious history.  'Sickening' is the only thing that can describe this. (CollegeFix) -- Abortion – the “life-sustaining act” of the ages. That’s the theme behind an exhibit currently on display at the … [Read more...]

The Weather Channel founder: Global Warming is political

The founder of The Weather Channel, John Coleman, has released a presentation making the argument that the debate over global warming and climate change is driven by politics, not science.  As I've been arguing for some time now, there has been no increase in the Earth's warming for nearly two … [Read more...]

When we dehumanize the pre-born…

This is the kind of thing that happens... (Telegraph) -- The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated as clinical waste, with some even used to heat hospitals, an investigation has found. Ten NHS trusts have admitted burning foetal remains alongside other rubbish … [Read more...]

Atheist group demand Governor keep his religion to himself, whining ensues

If it's not protesting memorial crosses on the sides of the highway, Christmas displays, or twisted pieces of metal that resemble a cross, they're whining that some pol said a religious thing. FFRF -- "I can do all things through Christ" sounds like a threat to them?  Hearing a bible quote is … [Read more...]

Why banning My Little Pony backpack is the right decision

By now most everyone has heard about the 9 year-old boy who was bullied for bring his My Little Pony backpack and accessories to school. The school told the boy he could no longer continue to bring the backpack to school because it was prompting bullying and causing a disruption.  Supporters of the … [Read more...]

Reason 346 to bust teacher unions: Special consideration given to “Non-Christians” in contract

When an opening for promotion arises in the Ferndale public school system, special preference is given to non-Christians, among others. From page 22 of the Ferndale Michigan Public School teacher's union contract: … [Read more...]

Coat hanger pendant is a sick token of appreciation

Abortion fundraiser, DC Abortion Fund, whose purpose is to make funds available to mothers who can't afford abortions on their own.  They are now offering a morbid token of thanks for donating $10 per month or more to the group: a coat hanger pendant for a necklace. I am curious about something … [Read more...]

Defending traditional marriage = hate?

Debating with activist-minded people is nearly impossible.  With them, disagreeing with their cause is the same as hating those whom they claim to defend.  Take Stanford University’s Anscombe Society's scheduled conference called "Communicating Values: Marriage, Family & the Media".  The event … [Read more...]

Who’s to blame for exhorbinant student loan debt?

Every so often some politician makes it their (brief) mission to address the burdens of overwhelming student loan debt.  Universally overlooked is that these students chose their institutes of higher learning knowing exactly what the costs of education would be.  They intentionally overlooked … [Read more...]

Eavesdropping in on social media conversations

We all come across conversations while scanning our social media.  Much of which can make us shake our heads in somewhat disbelief.  The above is from a semi-ongoing discussion on Facebook.  At first blush, I see a few things going on and have some questions. Was the Occupy movement started for … [Read more...]

Why do so many black mothers turn to abortion?

The above number is bad enough. But in New York City, 80% of abortions are had by minority mothers. In general black mothers abort at rates much higher than their populative representation. Many defenders of abortion will punt to poverty=abortion. But this would also be the case in areas of the … [Read more...]

Do you censor yourself on social media?

The advent of social media outlets have made a small world even smaller.  Friends of yesteryear and family rarely seen or heard from have been brought back together via Facebook, Twitter and other internet social mediums.  In addition to reconnecting with family and friends, people voice their views … [Read more...]

Liberal memes debunked: Jesus and Obamacare

Is there a difference between someone, of their own volition, providing free medical services; and taking money from one group of people without their approval to overpay for other's medical services? Jesus healed the sick out of compassion, but also as a proof that he was the Messiah (Matthew … [Read more...]

The Oscars is an Affirmative Action awards show, apparently

Liberal rag derides Rush Limbaugh for insinuating that the Academy Award voters picked 12 Years a Slave simply because it was about slavery and had the word 'slave' in the title.  Even in the headline they throw a little dig at Limbaugh for not having seen the movie. Many other leftist … [Read more...]

Are graphic images of abortion appropriate?

One complaint pro-abortion choice activists have about the pro-life movement is their propensity to display images of aborted fetal human being.  In Athens Georgia, at the University of Georgia, pro-abortion choice activists erected a make-shift barrier to block such images. (The College Fix) … [Read more...]

Liberal memes debunked: George Zimmerman/Marissa Alexander

If you don't shake your head at some of the memes created by liberal social media, you are not paying close enough attention. The problem is the two cases are not all.  In the case of George Zimmerman, at the time he pulled the trigger, his attacker was smashing his head into the … [Read more...]