Don’t like assault weapons?

Don’t like assault weapons?  Don’t buy one.  This is offered as a legitimate retort to pro-lifers who seek to ban abortion… you know, the procedure which takes the life of an innocent child.  So if “don’t like abortion? Then don’t have one” is a legitimate “argument” for trivializing the pro-life message, then it ought to also serve the same capacity for the anti-gun crowd.



  1. There you go using facts again!

  2. Hell Yeah, man. Freedom of gun choice. It’s between me and my life-protection provider.

  3. I live in the Northeastern part of the United States. So I’m a Yankee. Yankee family culture doesn’t involve a lot of outdoor fishing and hunting so we don’t really understand the southern cultural family value of guns. It wasn’t until I had an internship at Outdoor Life and Field and Stream Magazines that I began to understand.

    • Zanspence

      Myself being from CT I know what you mean. It is a very blue state and is in the midst of passing sweeping gun laws requiring registering magazines which can hold more than 10 rounds, and limiting magazines to 5 rounds for long guns. Also being voted on today is “eligibility certificates” to purchase long guns and ammunition. My wife thinks I’m over reacting, but I called 6 gun stores and all of them are out of their entire stock of ammunition.

  4. As a person born and raised in the South, I don’t understand it either. All my friends in HS would go out shooting, and I’d go with them. I thought it was boring. I went hunting for the last time at 12. I saw a squirrel sitting in a tree eating a nut, and I killed it. We brought it home and ate it, but all my 12-year-old mind could think about was his children waiting for their papa squirrel to come home for supper. I knew then that the thoughts were nonsense, and I’d have no problem now, given enough hunger, killing and eating my cat. And I know that there are slaughterhouses that probably kill animals 24/7 for the meat I love to eat on my table. I just don’t see the fun in doing it myself. But… that’s just me.

  5. TerranceH says:

    I live in Michigan, peeps. If you don’t hunt or fish, you’re a putz…LOL. It’s just expected. So if you tell someone you do neither, you get looks. LOL.

  6. The logic of this article is a little flawed. If you don’t want an abortion don’t have one. If you don’t want an “assault” rifle, don’t have one. Both the anti-abortion crowd and the gun-haters need to quit telling woman what do do with their own bodies and quit telling law abiding citizens what guns they can buy.

    • Daniel, No one is ever telling a woman what she can or cannot do with HER body. Our concern is with the body inside her, which is a separate human being. She has no right to kill that person.

    • Abortion involves more than just the woman’s body. Not only that we restrict all kinds of things people can do with their bodies.

    • TerranceH says:


      You seem to suggest bodily autonomy is absolute. You’re wrong. A person cannot inject themselves with heroine, smoke a rock of crack-cocaine, sell a kidney, or kill themselves. These things are against the law – and do you know why? Because there is simply no legal right to do with your body what you wish. Society has a responsibly to limit inappropriate and immoral behavior that will have a net negative result on our civilization.

      Furthermore, if a human being’s right-to-life is not protected, then there is no basis upon which to demand any other right. If one’s status as a human being, a person, is not good enough, then what is?

      Your argument is very flawed.

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