Is It A Human?

TerranceH here. As most of you know, John Barron, the blog owner, has been gracious enough to grant me a platform for my thoughts. I say that because I want everyone to know that this post is my own opinion and that I do not speak for John, the owner of the blog.

I want to show you two photos. One of them is a three-month old fetus. At that age, abortion is still very legal.


You look at that and tell me that’s not a human being. Why is it when discussing the issue of abortion with “pro-choicers,” they always make it seem as though we’re talking about a single cell just floating around in the mother’s uterus? Of course that cell is just as human as what you see in the picture, but I want even “pro -choicers” to admit the truth. Why can’t you admit it? You are killing a human being. Period.

We can ignore the scientific and logical realities and just focus on what we see. Well, what do you see? If you’re being honest, you know you see a human being, a baby. And yet you support its destruction.

Now look at this.


 Is there any doubt in your mind that the picture above is of a human baby?

By the way, it’s the same baby in both photos. It’s my son, Kian. The first photo was him as a  three-month old fetus in the womb. The second when he was a seven-month-old, already walking.

I have NO RESPECT for anti-lifers. None.


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  1. I have two thoughts on this. If we were to show the ultrasound to a child of say, 5 or 6, they may very well answer ‘its a baby in a mommy’s tummy’. Isn’t it ironic that an uneducated child can recognize this? It seems the more educated some people get, they more likely they are to rationalize away the real world. Universal Skepticism has ruined their ability to see things as they are instead of how they could be.

    And second, I wish you posed this question: When did the thing in the first picture become the thing in the second? If the two are not actually the same thing at merely different levels of maturity, what documentable, measurable, identifiable biological or physiological phenomenon occurred to transform the first into the second?

  2. Indeed. Even by their own lines of demarcation, it would be incredibly difficult to mark that precise point of transition from non-person to person.

    I once was given an analogy by a defender of abortion “rights”. In it, he spoke of the color spectrum as a pregnancy and that one cannot tell exactly when one color becomes another. I told him it was a great analogy if not for the fact that despite the color, it is all light. Despite the stage of development, it is all person/human being.

  3. I do know some pro-abortionists who believe abortion should be limited, but are devided as to when. Things like viability and stages of development get bandied about. These, at least, admit that the developing child is a person at some point before birth.

    More typical is response is one I’ve heard from a pro-abortion – and post abortive – woman I know. She absolutely agrees that the developing fetus is human, but not *a* human, any more than a kidney or liver is *a* human. It is not a “person”, because you can’t have two people in one body. As long as the fetus is in the woman’s body (woman, not mother, in her view), it is not a person and the woman can do whatever she wants at any stage.

    Increasingly, when reading the comments and posts from pro-abortionists, I’m finding that they do recognise the fetus as a human being; they just don’t care. It’s a woman’s right to do whatever she wants, and if that means killing her fetus, at any stage, they good with that. As we have seen from the Gosnell case and that testimony from that PP spokesperson, they’re increasingly okay with it after birth, too.

    Here’s another question I suggest you pose on the issue. Many women insist that Terrance or John have no right to say anything at all on the issue because they have a penis. They insist that only women can have any say about abortion, simply because they’re the ones with a uterus (hence the campaign to send male politicians knit or crocheted uteruses as part of pro-abortion campaigns). Should men be “allowed” to have any say on abortion at all?

  4. TerranceH says:


    I’ve heard that line before – that I’m not allowed to say anything because I’m a male.

    Interestingly, these same people have no trouble with the Roe v. Wade decision, though it was decided by seven male justices…

    Aside from that, abortion is an issue that has an impact on society. Either good or bad, it has an impact, and all members of that society have a right to their opinion. That’s how a democracy works.

  5. I think abortion is a heartbreaking choice and I pray that we can all become bipartisan in the attempt to find a way to reduce this practice once and for all. We still have to address the various exceptions to the rule, however, like saving the life of the mother etc. Once we’re all able to join together to reduce and attempt to end abortion, we’ll all be the better for it. I think we all want the same thing, but it’s how we express and go about it that is key here.

  6. I’m not sure I understand pro-aborts’ understanding of when it’s ok to “abort”.

    Is it a matter of time? Nine months is too old. Two months is ok. There’s a gray area around 7 months, but if the fetus becomes a person (one that escapes the surly bonds of the womb), it’s clear. Suddenly, age doesn’t matter. It’s wrong. Or is it? The PP spokeswoman in Florida said it’s between a woman and her “doctor” to decide if killing a baby outside the womb is the right(?) wrong(?)… JUST THING to do!

    It takes a special kind of sick and twisted evil to be pro-abortion. The more they defend it, the further they have to go outside the boundaries of common sense and decency.

  7. You know what THE problem really is? Bad choices beget bad situations which lead to more bad choices. Women AND men, STOP SCREWING UP!

    You want to have sex? Sure! We all do. And I’m all for it. Go ahead and have all the sex you want… WITH YOUR SPOUSE!

    Stay in school. Get a job. Earn some money. Gain some experience. Then, GET MARRIED!

    You see, if you get married, chances are your sexual partner will be one who is more likely than not to be someone who WON’T BOLT at the first sign of pregnancy!

    “Oh, C2C! You’re so silly! What does sex have to do with marriage? Let alone PROCREATION! CONTEMPORIZE, MAN!!!”

    Sick, sick world.

  8. C2C,

    Your comments hit the mark. Unfortunately, too many don’t like that mark. Imagine the entire nation acting responsibly with regard to sexuality. Self-discipline, delaying gratification, thinking beyond one’s own urges and compulsions to actually consider the ramifications of acting on them. The national debt would evaporate in no time. Too bad denying sex is fatal!!!

  9. TerranceH says:

    People should act responsibly, of course. But more than that, people should take responsibility for their actions even when they don’t behave responsibly in the first place. All people sin and act irresponsibly from time to time; it’s an unavoidable part of the human condition. But taking responsibility and owning up to your “mistake” is more important.

    My wife and I were not married when our first child was born. I was 20 and she was 19. I had no job and barely a semester of college under my belt. And what’s more? I just finished up a 10 day jail sentence (drunk & disorderly second offense). It was a mess. The time couldn’t have been worse.

    But it was our own doing. We were having unprotected sex without regard for the natural result (pregnancy). It was our fault. Some people in my wife’s family suggested she get an abortion. Yep. Told my wife over the phone, “I want you to have an abortion. You are too young to be a mom.”

    My wife got instantly pissed off and screamed,”NO! I’M NOT DOING THAT!” and hung up. I was so proud of her at that moment. LOL.

    For us, there was no question. We were having the baby, and so we did. It was a blessing. He is six-years-old now. And he is our first of four. Yep. We have four kids now. And guess what? One of them was born today, a 9lb baby girl.

    • Congrats on the baby!

      Also, good story. Despite your first being a blessing, and the fact that things happened the way they did brought you to the point you’re at now (which seems to have worked out well), it’s not the preferred track to parenthood. And too often, the fix is not becoming responsible, but to kill the “problem”.

      You and I were caught up in the culture of “if it feels good, do it”. I just happened not to impregnate anyone until after marriage. Either way, it’s that culture that creates the need for abortion, and the liberals don’t seem to mind very much.

  10. TerranceH says:

    I’ve just always known, deep down, that abortion was wrong. I didn’t need direction. I knew it. I just knew it.

    And so I get angry when I see people so gleefully support it. I have no respect for them – at all. To me, they aren’t worth the scum on the bottom of my shoe. I know I shouldn’t feel that way as a Christian, but I do. At least I’m honest.

    I thought that maybe this post gave that impression, so I wanted people to know it was me that wrote it and not John. John has too much class to let his anger show like that. I just can’t help it. I can’t stand anti-lifers They literally disgust me. And I won’t apologize for that, but to God.

  11. Congrats, Terrance!

    And I totally understand your disgust. It is hard to feel “Christian” towards those who support the unjustified killing of the most vulnerable and defenseless people on earth. But I would call it “righteous indignation”. That is, a mature position would almost have to include the disgust you (and I) feel.

  12. TerranceH says:


    Thank You!

    It is righteous indignation. Most people wouldn’t dream of remembering the Holocaust as anything but pure evil. Nobody would say, “Oh, well, there are good faith views on both sides.” Most people would pass out from the sheer shock of such an asinine opinion, but too few are able to make the connection between abortion and the holocaust, yet abortion is a holocaust. I don’t think it’s an improper use of the term. It fits.


    Thank You!

    You’re right. It’s not the best way to become a parent. But like you say, we live in a different culture now days. It’s all about self-gratification, but to the extreme. Society has embraced this notion fully, so I don’t see things changing for the better. Society is too far gone. So while I’m all for teaching people to make responsible choices from the get-go, I know that many people will continue making poor choices and put themselves in a difficult situation. I want those people to recognize their failure and accept responsibility. Abortion is in no sense an example of “accepting responsibility,” like anti-lifers stupidly claim. Abortion is how one forgoes their responsibility. They get rid of it, kill it. That must end. People must learn to take responsibility for their actions.

  13. “And guess what? One of them was born today, a 9lb baby girl. ”

    Congratulations!!! :-D

    I have noticed a real change in attitude towards the treatment of pregnant women. When I first became pregnant (living in BC at the time), it was treated very positively. The clinic I went to at the time provided gifts for first time mothers, including a magazine with fibre optic photos of every major stage of pregnancy, with explainations of what developmental changes were happening at those stages. When I had my second (living in MB), I couldn’t go to my GP, as he didn’t do obstetrics, but he recommended me to the best OB/GYN in the city. The guy was an insentive jerk and both he and his staff seemed flabberghasted that I brought my toddler to my appointments (I guess I was supposed to get a sitter?), and the clinic was very child unfriendly, so I only saw him twice before finding another doctor. We also had a midwife and a home birth, and the whole thing was very baby positive.

    Compare that to some women I’ve got to know recently. Both of them described how they were pressured to have terminations, even though they both made it clear that they intended to keep their babies! One actually had to have a screaming fit before they would finally leave her alone about it! (Ironically, both are pro-choice, too) One just found out she’s pregnant again. While happy, this is something fearful for her, as she had been on powerful medication to deal with migraines and a head injury, which could possibly cause major birth defects. She was also on birth control. When her pregnancy was confirmed, all the doctor wanted to talk about was if she would be “willing to terminate” should it be found that her baby had any defects. She left the doctor’s office extremely upset. We’ve been encouraging her to find another doctor!!

    Apparently, it’s now standard to ask pregnant women if they want to “terminate” right from the start. :-(

  14. Kunoichi,

    My wife’s OB asked her at nearly every check-up if she was “done having kids” and offered her a packet about tubal ligation (tube tying). They didn’t ask this question six or even four years ago. It’s a new development, and I can’t help but wondering if it has something to do with ObamaCare.

    • T

      She was younger then and didn’t have as many kids. For your age you have a lot of kids. They were probably trying to prevent unplanned preganacies

  15. TerranceH says:


    I don’t know. I can see your point, but then again, they were pressuring her about it. It wasn’t a quick mention, but an every appointment conservation that really frustrated my wife. I don’t know. It wouldn’t surprise me if it did have something to do with ObamaCare.

  16. Terrance, You’re right.

    So, what would happen if all abortions were illegal?

    We will still have young people who act irresponsibly, but many more would avoid pregnancy. The availability and endorsement of abortion allows people to act irresponsibly.

    If there were a particular human interaction that was said to be justification for killing someone legally, those killings would increase. Let’s say we make it legal to avoid the consequences of a lawsuit by killing the person suing you. You act recklessly and damage someon’s property. That guy sues you for an enormous amount. Your actions have put this person in need. You owe him.

    I can think of someone thinking “I’m not ready for this financial burden. No one should force me to use my life force to earn money to repay him”. Certainly, one solution would be if the guy ceased to exist.

    Why should you allow this guy to continue to be a burden to you? Because he wants to live? Let’s say you’ve put him in a coma. He’s not available for comment. Because his family needs him? Let’s say that he’s an unidentifiable drifter. No one claims him. No one knows he exists. And he can’t speak for himself.

    But, your reckless actions have put him in need of assistance to continue to live. You are clearly responsible.

    Isn’t that the cited justification for abortion? “I made a mistake and I’m not ready for the consequences, so i need to kill someone”.

    We don’t allow people to kill those affected by our actions, simply to avoid responsibility. If we allowed it, what percentage of lawsuits would be settled that way?

    My point is that the perception that abortion is needed by women who cause a person to become in need of assistance would diminish by simply saying “We don’t allow it”.

    It’s where we should start to change the culture.

  17. TerranceH says:


    I’m all for criminalizing abortion, but until we do that, we have to urge people to take responsibility for their actions. If one child can be saved, it’s worth it.

    But taking responsibility applies in all facets of life, not just in matters of parenting. You’re never going to get people to act responsibly all the time. People will always fall short of the mark, and that’s okay so long as people accept responsibility and stop putting the blame on everyone else.

    Take minorities, for example. So many of them live in poverty. Whose fault is that? “The white man,” they say. Our society has sunk so low that people refuse to take responsibility for their own faults and failures. It’s always somebody else’s fault.

    Responsibility should never be ducked by any group in any area of life. You make a mistake, you accept responsibility and deal with the consequences.

    We may not be on the same page, but we’re in the same chapter at least. You’re concerned with teaching people to act responsibly from the get-go, which is very important. But since we know that people will always act irresponsibly from time to time – and we shouldn’t have laws on the book that encourage this behavior – we should teach people to accept responsibility and deal with the consequences when they DO act irresponsibly.

  18. Terrance, I can certainly understand your wife’s frustration! I’m sure she actually answered him, which makes me wonder why it would come up so often. Any particular reason she stayed with that doctor?

    • TerranceH says:


      I should have clarified. It wasn’t one particular doctor, but one particular woman’s center. There are about eight doctors and two midwifes located in this office, and you never know what doctor you’re going to see. But it didn’t matter because they all asked the question or started a conversation about “tubal ligation” and all its “benefits.”

      We live in a reasonably small town with few choices as far as OBs go. I can think of two other OBs in town not affiliated with the Woman’s Pavilion. It’s like a monopoly. LOL.

      • Wow. Knowing it was so many different people just makes the whole situation so much worse. It goes from being one dr being a jerk to an endemic culture. :-(

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