The danger of scientific consensus

One of the most un-scientific mantras bandied about in the debates over climate change and Darwinian evolution is that the science is settled; there's a consensus in the scientific community.  This notion that there is a consensus among scientists is dangerous to the philosophy of science. Why is … [Read more...]

Liberal Bias?

No one likes to believe they've bought into a conspiracy theory, or are seeing things which simply aren't there, but sometimes the crazy people are right. If you talk long enough with a conservative like me about why our country is so far off the rails, I might tell you it's due to the educations … [Read more...]

Basic Truths You Can’t Talk About Anymore in America, Part 5

John Hawkins from Right Wing News posted a list of 20 issues which are considered too politically incorrect to discuss openly in America anymore. (Number 5) -- The reason most politicians in D.C. are shameless liars with no character is because most Americans will knowingly choose a shameless liar … [Read more...]

Basic Truths You Can’t Talk About in America Anymore, Part 2

John Hawkins from Right Wing News posted a list of 20 issues which are considered too politically incorrect to discuss openly in America anymore. (Number 2) -- Most people who remain poor over the long haul in America stay that way because of their own poor life choices. This is one of those … [Read more...]

Why do you think the poor stay poor?

I've already made clear what I believe to be the prime factors causing long-term poverty for individuals in America.  Here's the results from an NBC/WSJ poll asking people what they believe are the reasons for continual poverty. See Dan, America is on  my side on this one.  And they're … [Read more...]

Is equal opportunity incompatible with freedom?

When I first heard it suggested that equal opportunity is incompatible with freedom, I literally shook my head.  I said to myself, "self, that's preposterous!"  This seemingly counterintuitive notion was offered in the comment section of an economics blog I highly recommend: Economics For … [Read more...]

Florida teen expelled, arrested — Think Progress lies about why

Not that I expected any less: (ThinkProgress) -- A Florida family says their 18-year-old daughter was charged with a felony and expelled from high school as a result of a consensual, same-sex relationship with another student. Kaitlyn Hunt started dating a female classmate at the beginning of the … [Read more...]

1984: Book discussion

Not long ago I finished reading George Orwell's two classics, Animal Farm and 1984, for the first time. I knew their basic plots but had never read them for myself. I'd like to get a discussion going about 1984 because that, in my opinion, was the more powerful of the two. This was the first novel … [Read more...]

The Thaw

The marginalization of Christianity and Christians in public schools has been gaining acceptance over the years.  The blame can be laid squarely at the feet of Christians who somehow got the idea that they shouldn't involve themselves in the public or political arena.  Now they are fighting an … [Read more...]

Beware the “consensus”

NOTE: This is an edited version of a previous post. The debate between science and religion and whether one disproves the other usually butts heads hardest in the area of evolution.  The evidence is in, says science, man and apes descended from a common ancestor, or so the theory goes.  After all, … [Read more...]

Your Children Belong to the State…

Or, so says MSNBC host Melissa Harris. We haven't had a very collective notion of these are our children. So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and … [Read more...]

I told you so: McDonald’s requiring bachelor’s degree for cashiers

Back in December I warned fast food workers seeking to unionize and demand a "living wage" that they were asking for trouble.  If wages and benefits reach the levels which were being demanded, does anyone really think these restaurants will continue to hire the same kinds of people they currently … [Read more...]

Law Allows Prayer In Public Schools

The organization American Atheists is fuming over a bill in Mississippi known as the RELIGIOUS VIEWPOINTS ANTIDISCRIMINATION ACT. From their website: Last Thursday, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed HB 638, a bill requiring public schools to develop policies allowing students to pray over … [Read more...]

The difference between Red and Blue politics

It's no surprise that states which have the good fortune (read: informed voters) to have their governments led by Republicans are much better off than those who squandered their opportunity.  But here's a little story which aptly explains why in terms anyone should be able to understand. (The … [Read more...]

Holy Bible In Public Schools…

Judeo-Christian values are the foundation of Western society. This immutable fact cannot be intelligently refuted, yet it remains a belabored point nonetheless. It’s an argument had every couple of years, or whenever a politician or special interest group, motivated by piety or not, demand that the … [Read more...]

For the Obama Administration, the sky is always falling

Anyone ever notice that President Barack Obama always makes a case that unless we ask the more wealthy among us to pay a little more, their fair share, disastrous things will happen?  Emergency personnel and teachers will be laid off, school lunch programs will be halted, single mothers will become … [Read more...]

Sequestration cuts will cut deep

Despite the reality that President Barack Obama is being untruthful about the Republican's role in the sequestration budget cuts (the cuts were his idea and insisted on them), they will have a nasty effect on government (List via Nuking Politics): Biden will have to pay for his own hair plug … [Read more...]

University shocked when Muslim espouses Islam’s view of homosexuals

For all that is accused of Christians and Christianity about their view on homosexuality, the political left and academia almost universally ignore what the religion of peace has to say about it.  In nations run by Muslims with heavy Islamic foundations for their rule of law, homosexuality is … [Read more...]

Musings of a low info voter: Some things that should NEVER be “PRIVATIZED” in a Democracy

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Democratic Underground, but it's hilarious!  I swear, if I didn't already know these were real people who actually believe the things they write, you couldn't convince me it wasn't a satire site like the Onion, or the Daily Currant -- you know, the … [Read more...]


Pew Research releases every so often a poll of what Americans consider priorities for the country. Here's what I would find amusing if it weren't so sad: In the president's first term, his policies weakened the economy, weakened the job situation (for every job created, more than 20 people went on … [Read more...]