We don’t need to know about your sex life

Missouri defensive end Michael Sam made headlines by announcing he is gay.  He is not alone.  There seems to be a trend for athletes to publicly proclaim their homosexuality.  Figure skater Brian Boitano and basketball player Jason Collins preceded Sam in "coming out".  Of course, these … [Read more...]

Human life is on a pathway toward meaninglessness

As a generality I think we as a culture, are becoming far too selfishly frivolous when it comes to matters of life and death.  Or put another way: those who are most in need of protection are having that protection rationalized away from them.  Those in the womb, those whose "plug" gets pulled, and … [Read more...]

When life begins is irrelevant to the abortion debate

The morality of abortion hinges on different criteria depending on who it is you are having the discussion with. One of the most persistent defenses for abortion is the question of when life begins. This is a question only asked by those philosophizing about abortion, not among those in the … [Read more...]

Abortion rate is the lowest since Roe v Wade

The rate of abortion, about 17 of every 1000 women in the US, is down 43.4% from its peak in 1980, and nearly as low as the rate following the Supreme Court decision legalizing the commission of abortion.  This is good and bad news.  There's still more than 1 million abortions committed per … [Read more...]

The slippery slope: Equal rights for zoophiles

Opposing same-sex marriage and attempts to normalize homosexual relationships by claiming sex with animals will be next is a silly reason.  No one is trying to normalize and secure rights for zoophiles... except they are. The organization Equality For All is petitioning to have February 1st … [Read more...]

The morality of Atheism

The debate over morality between Atheists and Theists is forever ongoing. I think Atheists mistakenly believe Theists claim they can't act in a moral manner, but this isn't the issue.  Most Atheists, in my experience, are relatively honest, caring people with genuine concern for their fellow man. … [Read more...]

The U.S. Constitution: Individual rights or group rights?

As part of a college project for a family member, I have been asked to give my opinion on the Constitution as it relates to group versus individual rights for his American Government class.  How would you answer these questions?  Below are my answers. a. There seems to be a growing trend away … [Read more...]

What the Grammy’s same-sex wedding ceremony didn’t show you, but why?

First watch and see what you see -- or don't see -- during the ceremony what was missing. (Ceremony starts at 4:30) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cVBGPpbZeI ______________________________________________ What is the apex of any wedding ceremony? When Queen Latifah announced to the betrothed that … [Read more...]

Theological narcissism

This comment was given in response to a local news agency reporting on the United Methodist Church formally charging a minister for presiding over his son's same-sex wedding. Does Catherine really think God is pleased as punch with her every thought and deed?  You know what? I think she does. It's … [Read more...]

Right or wrong: Genetically engineered children

Geneticists have been on the verge for some time now, through genetic modifications, of being able to choose the physical characteristics of their children.  Want a baby with sandy blond hair, blue eyes, six feet tall?  Soon this will be a real option.  Now firm in China claim they can even modify … [Read more...]

Fetal homicide laws essentially admit abortion is murder

Currently, a multitude of states have laws punishing what is described as fetal homicide. Essentially, if a person (un)intentionally causes the death of a fetus they can be charged with murder or manslaughter just as if it had been a post-birth human being.  The only exception is if the mother … [Read more...]

Abortions end pregnancies, not memories of rape and incest

My experience has led me to the conclusion that abortion advocates and defenders are some of the most intellectually dishonest debaters of any issue.  The arguments they make span the spectrum from vile, to wholly uninformed, to downright asinine, and everything in between.  The strategy is if they … [Read more...]

Does sharing Jesus infringe on rights? That depends…

Many people are under the (false) impression that the sharing of religion in some settings is unconstitutional.  This myth has been propagated for so long that people have begun to believe it.  However, even through this mass misunderstanding of what the First amendment protects and prohibits, there … [Read more...]

Is being pro-choice and anti-spanking consistent?

Yes, apparently these people do exist, and they will describe spanking a child as assault.  Spanking is a horrible practice that that only lazy parents do because you should reason with your children.  It's assault and there's no excuse. Anti-spanking advocates make no distinction between a swat … [Read more...]

We should not be legislating toward ideals

This is going to sound obvious but, I think for all their similarities, there are vast differences between liberals and conservatives when it comes to dealing with reality.  I am not suggesting one side is delusional.  However, I am suggesting they deal with reality in fundamentally different ways.  … [Read more...]

Should God prevent evil in the world?

Skeptics often cite some circumstance in the world to argue that God doesn’t, or likely doesn’t exist.  Excessive poverty, hunger, and other evils are among the top complaints.  They seem to think that God should provide solutions with no explanation of where this ideal comes from, it certainly … [Read more...]

The slippery slope: Pedophilia a sexual orientation

When those who oppose same-sex marriage said that in affirming same-sex sexual attraction as a natural, immutable, normal variant of human sexuality it would open the door for other sexual variations -- such as pedophilia to claim the same normalcy and therefore, social acceptance they were called … [Read more...]

Morality in nature is animalism, not morality

The tendency for advocates of same-sex marriage to sometimes point to some species in the animal kingdom that engages in same-sex sexual relations has always struck me as suspiciously selective.  They offer this observation in an effort to justify homosexual desires and behaviors as a natural -- and … [Read more...]

Cruel Logic — The real consequence of a Godless morality

When discussing the origins of morality, most Atheists are willing to offer evolution as a viable option.  However, I believe it is obvious that the evolutionary process could not have produced moral imparitives.  If there is no afterlife, we should eat, drink, and be merry — for tomorrow we die. … [Read more...]

Is ‘Obamacare’ really health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, was enacted to fill a 'need' to cover pre-existing conditions and provide coverage for even more procedures and conditions. The Act requires insurance companies to cover virtually every medical expense whether you need it or not. This, to me, doesn't sound … [Read more...]