Double standards for the parents of unwanted children

Of all the defenses of elective abortion, the most abhorrent of all is that the child will be unwanted which subjects the child to possible abuse and neglect.  Shouldn't we expect parents to care for and not abuse or neglect their children whether they're wanted or not?  Why do we give a person who … [Read more...]

Mass shootings laying the ground work for anti-gun activists

The shooting at Los Angeles International Airport is only the most recent event that will inevitably trigger a demand for stricter gun laws.  The move to rush through intention-driven, emotionally reactive laws in response to these kinds of tragedies may prove to be even more dangerous, and possibly … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood rolls out their new K-9 unit training program

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If you think pink is a ‘girl color’ you hate gay people…or something

At least that's what this graphic floating around the internet suggests. If I was the doctor I'd have asked why the little boy wanted a pink cast, and I wouldn't have turned red or felt bad about asking.  I'm not fully convinced this is based on a true story in the first place.  But even if … [Read more...]

Gay waiter gets the shaft at local restaurant

Pardon my juvenile attempt at an inappropriate pun.  Apparently a waiter who looked sufficiently gay was allegedly short-changed by some customers because of his apparent sexual preference. (WFSB) -- A 20-year-old waiter provided exemplary service at an Overland Park Italian restaurant, but his … [Read more...]

Elayne Boosler is bad at comedy and science Comic past her prime, Elayne Boosler, attempts to mix poor humor with bad science.  Unfortunately for her, it's old news, the argument in support of abortion isn't new.  It confuses stages of development with ontological identity. … [Read more...]

The Political Left’s view of people in one winners and losers bracket

The Political Left views people in groups, not as individuals.  This is why some people are more equal than others and why some people are more valuable than others (i.e., hate crime laws).  In so doing it is then possible to create divides among the people.  People lose their individual identities … [Read more...]

How important are people’s feelings?

What is it about morality and judging that causes people to hesitate in saying an act or behavior is wrong and immoral?  When assessing moral actions, I find that many people will avoid making moral judgements on the actions of others.  Why is it so hard to say "that is morally wrong"?  It shouldn't … [Read more...]

Trending Now: #DefineGOPin3words

This is the perfect follow-up to my previous post where I point out that the political left use hyperbolic language to paint their ideological counterparts as evil and unworthy of consideration.  The political left views the political right as immoral for holding the beliefs they do.  If you oppose … [Read more...]

How the Political Left views the Political Right, and why there will never be common ground

In the days of old, American politicians could disagree yet still compromise with one another and get the job done.  Unfortunately, since the election of President George W. Bush I have seen a dramatic change in discourse from those from the political left. It's not simply that the two sides … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Coexist

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Jesus said: I was hungry and you didn’t give me food stamps…or something

The following clip is as sad as it is funny, _____________________________________________________ Let me help Ed Shultz's faith leader on this one.  It's 2 Thessalonians 3:10 "For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to … [Read more...]

Waiting periods: Tattoos vs. Abortion

A new regulation on the body art industry in Washington D.C. would require a 24 hour waiting period before getting tattooed. (Washington Post) -- A mandatory 24-hour waiting period is among the provisions included in a 66-page package of draft regulations governing the “body art” industry released … [Read more...]

Bush, Obama, Iraq, and Syria

In what way is President Barack Obama's approach and plan for action in Syria different from President George W. Bush's approach and plan for action in Iraq, morally speaking?  Or is there no difference? … [Read more...]

Christian persecution in America

I can see why some Christians might believe they are being persecuted in America, but I think it's a bit too soon to make that claim.  Of course there is a big push from homosexual activists (not to be confused with the average homosexual person) and secularists to purge visual Christianity from the … [Read more...]

Are Blacks treated less fair than Whites?

A Pew Research survey polled people asked people whether they believed Blacks are treated less fair than Whites.  Apparently most people believe they are.  I am prone to believe there are more isolated anecdotal incidents than wholesale unfairness.  But even in many of the cases, I don't think it's … [Read more...]

72% of Democrats, 83% of non-whites support suppressing the minority vote

For those on the political left, voter ID laws are a somewhat contentious subject.  The vocal liberals insist they are an attempt to suppress the minority vote.  For some reason it goes unnoticed that this implies minorities are either unable to figure out how to obtain a photo identification, or … [Read more...]

The irony of abortion rights

This says it all when it comes to pro-abortion logic: The political left is obsessed with rights.  But what are rights? What rights do we actually have, and what makes them rights in the first place?  Many people blur the lines between what they believe ought to be rights and real inalienable … [Read more...]

8 Things Planned Parenthood would rather you not know about them

Via Buzzfeed -- Taking Money To Abort African-American Babies Offering Sex-Selective Abortion Misinforming Women About Scientific Facts of Pregnancy Lying About Abortion-Related Deaths Lying About Offering Mammograms Covering Up Child Sex Trafficking Illegally Not Reporting Child … [Read more...]

Dude looks like a lady: Traitor Bradley Manning wants to be ‘Chelsea’

Bradley Manning, the man who divulged classified information to the website Wikilinks, has since disclosed his desire for sex reassignment.  You see, Bradley now wants to be referred to as 'Chelsea'.  Hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess.  But on top of his psychological disorder, he wants the … [Read more...]